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Every week new videos will be added to your account regarding happenings in India & International affairs, Civics, Science, Geography, Economics, Sports, Prestigious Career’s & Logical reasoning that are designed for School Students

E- Material for Conceptual clarity

Along with videos you will also get an E-Material copy under video tab of every week 

Tests & Analyse

Play quiz every week after watching the videos which helps to recite & revise what you acquired 

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Just below the video tab you will find an “Ask a Question” box, you can ask any number of queries and you will get replies to your inbox within 24 hours

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On every Saturday night new videos will be uploaded, dont worry old videos will be saved in your account safely, you can watch any video anytime from anywhere and any no.of times. We suggest you to watch it on Sundays.

Watch Sample Video's

Logical reasoning problems
Who is the Chief Justice of India ?
Liquid nitrogen serving in restaurants ?

Benefits Of Speed Brains

Every week a video on a Career will make you aware of different Career opportunities and helps you to Aim big

Learning happenings in India & World every week will widen Students thought process

Students can play Quiz every week which helps to recite & revise what you learned

Our Science videos helps in various aspects and also bridges Textbook knowledge and Practical knowledge

Integrated Values - Morals - Ethics based teaching

Provided Rational thinking helpful in aiming higher targets in future

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